July 30, 2016


missionDuring three decades, Trevor’s Campaign has housed and served more than 6,000 homeless Philadelphians, helping 4,000 secure permanent housing.  We empowered 1,500 vulnerable adults to overcome addictions, 900 to find employment, 500 to obtain the GED and we protected 500 from domestic abuse.  We also assisted 2,000 disadvantaged children to stay in school and 800 of those improved academically.

As a top ranked full-service program for families with Philadelphia’s Office of Supportive Housing, Trevor’s overall achievements for our adult clients were that 95% stabilized in key life areas, 92% utilized support services, 86% prepared for independence and 93% achieved habitation beyond shelter.

These statistics embody real skills learned, healthy behaviors engendered, actual benefits received and significant barriers reduced or removed such that our homeless women were empowered to become better learners, workers, parents, citizens and people.  Beyond benefitting homeless women and children with supportive housing and services, outreach and volunteerism and the recycling of household goods, and in addition to Trevor’s public education and advocacy efforts, we also developed affordable housing at Freedom Village to directly impact Philadelphia’s homeless and low-income families.